CRUFTS 2022 image
DAY 1 - Thursday
See the first day: link (Google photo album). By clicking on (i) icon there, you can find a picture numbers that you can save and send me to make your order quicker.

DAY 2 - Friday
See the second day: link (Google photo album).

All photos are now completed.

How to purchase: easily! Just write me a message with your selection. Price is 10€ each pic (5€ every third) for EU citizens (+5 € transaction fee for those outside EU). Paypal possible without a transaction fee.
I shall edit your pictures to the perfection and send to your e-mail.
Not having FB? Don't worry! You can include e-mail adress and pic number in the bank order. You can find pic numbers in Google albums (see links above). Or simply get in touch with me via mail ( and let me help you get your pics directly.

Bank account number: 1306083018/3030
IBAN: CZ57 3030 0000 0013 0608 3018